Harper says, if re-elected, his government will aim to create 1.3M jobs by 2020

WINNIPEG – Stephen Harper says a Conservative government would aim to create 1.3 million net new jobs by 2020.

The Conservative leader says setting such a goal would keep his government focused on creating new and well-paying jobs over the next four years.

He says the party’s commitment to cut payroll taxes by 20 per cent, provide tax relief for the mining sector and establish a permanent home renovation tax credit are some of the measures that would help stimulate employment.

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WATCH: Harper touts increases in resource investment, job creation while maintaining tax rate.

In January, Statistics Canada said the country gained 185-thousand, 700 net new positions last year.

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The unemployment rate was 7.0 per cent in August, up from 6.8 per cent the previous month, but the economy also gained 12-thousand jobs last month.

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