West Kelowna vet steps up to the plate again

West Kelowna vet steps up to the plate again - image

WEST KELOWNA — A West Kelowna veterinary is getting more recognition for going beyond the call of duty in saving a young dog’s life.

The dog was part of a litter of five-week-old Border Collie pups discovered earlier this month at a Princeton ranch by two ladies on horseback.

The pup was missing a rear paw and was having trouble getting around.

The owner of the ranch agreed to surrender the dog which was taken to Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital in West Kelowna run by Doctor Moshe Oz.

“After careful examination Dr. Oz determined little Jemma had a severe infection and the leg required immediate amputation, otherwise she wasn’t going to make it,” says Sabrina Fedorak, one of the riders who rescued the pup.

At only five-weeks old, Dr. Oz gave the pup a 50 per cent chance of surviving the surgery.

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She survived and is on the road to recovery.

The pup is growing stronger at her new adoptive home.

Dr. Oz donated all his time, staffing and equipment for the surgery free of charge.

“She deserves a chance,” says Oz.

Dr. Oz has become a household name for pet lovers in West Kelowna for donating his time to help save sick or injured animals.

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