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Fashion guru Stacey McKenzie talks Toronto Fashion Week


ORONTO- With only the second day into Toronto Fashion Week, Global Fashion’s Christina Cheng caught up with fashion guru, Stacey McKenzie, at the Holt Renfrew cocktail party on Monday night to get her thoughts on what she expects to see on the runway and what her thoughts are of the shows so far.

The exotic fashion and model icon was spotted hand-in-hand with her date for the night, her niece Madonna, who has already walked the runway for denim giant Diesel.

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The runway queen herself gave Global Fashion the inside scoop first for what she has in store during the rest of fashion week. (Hint: Expect to see Ms. Stacey McKenzie on the runway tonight for one of tonight’s evening shows and look out for her sexy upcoming fashion line.)

Global Fashion: 
Ms. Stacey McKenzie, how are you enjoying the shows so far? 
Stacey McKenzie: Oh, I’m enjoying the shows so far. It’s the first day, but so far I’m enjoying it. It’s me, I love fashion shows!

GF: I saw you cheering on certain models and giving a little ‘Woo!’ chant to a few of them. Can you explain?
SM: Oh, I always do that. I cheer for the ones that are vamping it on, on the runway because that just brings the energy on. So I cheer on the girls that are not afraid on the runway and not afraid to show their personality and those who are just ‘mad cool’ and confident.

GF: What are your thoughts on tonight’s shows?

SM: Well, can I just say, earlier today, during the Korhani show when the models came out with the little piggy’s, that threw me off. That was a little too real, too much. I’m not a piggy fan… I rather have them on a diamond leash. But, it’s fashion week so anything goes.

GF: Other than the piglets making the runway, what did you think of Korhani Home’s show collection overall?

The rugs into wearable clothing for the show. I think it’s really cool. I like the concept because it’s different and it enforced the Mongolian theme with the punk rock theme and then the Victorian vibe, I love it! I loved the last two models at the end… Those two models really played along with their characters, especially the girl, she really portrayed the Victorian lady, her whole body language- she played it well!

The show was so dramatic and I love drama. I’m hoping to see more drama, I’m hoping to see some really cool models on the runway, including myself…

GF: Are you saying that you’re going to be on the runway?
SM: Maybe, maybe…I think you should check out the evening shows on Wednesday at 7 p.m.

GF: What did you think about Holt Renfrew’s show tonight?
SM: It was a great show; I loved quite a few pieces. I loved the fact that it was featuring Canadian designers, which is very good especially because a lot of Canadian designers don’t get to play like that so it was very cool that it was about the Canadian designers more so than the international designers so that was cool that they did that and it makes sense to be doing that anyway.

GF: Having been in the fashion industry for 16 years now, what do you wish to see differently on the runway?

SM: Honestly, it would have been great to see some new faces; maybe one or two new Canadian designers that we don’t really know of yet because I’m all about the upcoming, the new, the up-and-coming young designers and I think it’s really a point for Canada and the fashion community to give those up and coming designers play as well. It would be just great to support them because they don’t get the support like that and it takes them a while to get some sort of support but it would be great to at least feature one or two of them during fashion week.

GF: Are you going to be attending all of the shows?

SM: Honestly, I’ll be attending predominately young designer shows so that’s more during the daytime. I’m going to support the young, new designers.

GF: What are you currenly working on? What can we expect from Ms. Stacey McKenzie in the future?

Well, what I’m working on… I just finished up the Genies, I’m doing red carpet hosting and it’s great, I’m going to be doing more hosting gigs… I’m also looking forward to my ‘Walk This Way’ workshops in June, towards the end of June, we’re still working on it so it’s going to be great. I’m really looking forward to that which is going to be geared towards aspiring models. I’m also looking forward to working on my line, more public speaking engagements, my video blog called ‘Rule Your Runway’ where I’m featuring new designers, new stylists- it’s all about up and coming and I do stories on them and feature them so I’ve been doing that since last fashion week so I’ll be working on that more… And then hopefully my own show too.

GF: You mentioned you’re starting your own line, what can we expect, can you provide some details?

It’s going to be a line that everybody can wear. Right now I’m not actually doing clothing, I’m doing undergarments and it’s for all different body types. It’s gorgeous! Nobody knows about it, I just gave you an inside scoop first. I gave you a little teaser.

Catch Stacey McKenzie on the runway tonight for Bustle’s show at 7 p.m. Global Fashion will be backstage to do a follow-up/ post-show interview with the model herself.

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