UK couple donated wedding after groom diagnosed with terminal cancer

WATCH: After Steve Monks was diagnosed with terminal bowel and liver cancer, a local UK charity stepped in a gave him and his wife Laura their dream wedding. Jenny Sung explains.

Laura and Steve Monks never imagined their dream wedding could come together so quickly.

The Manchester couple had a three-year plan: Buy a house, then get married. But everything changed when Steven was diagnosed with stage three bowel and liver cancer in October.

This past April, doctors said Steve’s condition was terminal.

That’s when the couple decided to get married as soon as possible, Laura told The Daily Mail.

“We knew we wanted to get married straightaway. We all wanted to have the same name and we wanted to be a proper family,” she said.

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That’s when Gift of a Wedding, a local charity that specializes in organizing weddings for people who are terminally ill, stepped in.

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In a matter of months, the charity put together a wedding for the Monks at a luxury hotel with all the frills. Wearing a dress and suit donated by local boutiques, they arrived in style in a Rolls Royce and everything was captured by a wedding photographer and videographer who donated their services.

“We couldn’t believe how kind strangers were being,” Laura said.

“Steven is currently on palliative care and we don’t know what the future holds, but the kindness of strangers made our day completely unforgettable.”

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Earlier this year, Torontonians Solomon Chau and Jennifer Carter were in a similar situation after Chau was diagnosed with liver cancer in October.

Although he had the tumour removed, the cancer had spread and doctors told Chau in March he had months to live.

The couple rushed to get married. With the help of the online community, they raised more than $50,000 and were able to have their dream wedding in April.

After 128 days as newlyweds, Chau died on August 17 with his wife by his side.