World’s largest truck convoy sets fundraising record

WINNIPEG – Honking was heard for miles as more than 200 trucks rolled down the Perimeter Highway in Winnipeg Saturday.

The world’s largest truck convoy raised more than $70,000 this year, setting a fundraising record for the event support the Special Olympics Manitoba.

Athletes like Austin Horrox teamed up with truck drivers from across Canada for the ride.

“It was so cool, I got to honk the horn lots,” Horrox said. “I tear up for this.”

Horrox is hoping this will help him play on curling team at the 2016 Canada Winter Games in Newfoundland.

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“That’s a huge cost to send the athletes to, so the money goes towards that,” Steven Dreger from Special Olympics Manitoba said.

Each truck driver donated at least $100 to enter the convoy and some raised up to $2,000 per truck.

Cam Stewart drove with Horrox for the afternoon and said it was an experience he’ll never forget.

“Austin was beaming and asking so many questions during the ride,” one of the truck drivers Cam Stewart said. “It makes it all worthwhile right now.”

Hundreds of truck drivers, athletes and fans joined together at the Oak Bluff Recreation Centre for a picnic after the convoy.


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