Warmer winter ahead in Manitoba according to Environment Canada

Shannon Cuciz/ Global News

WINNIPEG – An unusual El Niño could make this coming winter warmer in Manitoba.

“Right now we have the third strongest El Niño that we’ve measured since 1950 and it’s still growing,” meteorologist Jay Anderson said.

An El Niño is usually correlated with warmer temperatures for the prairies according to Environment Canada.

“It’s a phenomenon that comes by every five to seven years, warming of the water along the equator and the Pacific,” Anderson said. “The nice thing about Manitoba is it’s right in the centre, the bullseye, of where temperatures are typically the warmest during an El Niño.”

Anderson also said Manitobans could see about two degrees above normal temperatures starting in the new year.

“Fall temperatures will be closer to normal but as we go into winter… we wouldn’t see the usual super deep freezes,” said Dan Fulton of Environment Canada.

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