Long weekend weather across Canada: hot in the east, wet in the west

Half the country will be able to enjoy the outdoors like this, while the other half might want to pack an umbrella or sweater for the September long weekend. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

It’s the last long weekend of the summer (don’t shoot the messenger). That means many of us will be heading outdoors. So what can you expect weather-wise?

It pretty much comes down to this: in the east, pack the sunscreen. In the west, pack an umbrella.


Haligonians will see a lovely long weekend.

Temperatures will be well above normal, with a high around 25 C Saturday with some cloud. On Sunday and Monday, the mercury will climb to 29 C with sunny skies.


You’d better remember to apply and reapply the sunscreen if you’re heading outdoors.

Saturday through to Monday, temperatures will be around 30 C with nothing but sunshine forecast. Monday there is the chance of some clouds.

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But it’s the humidity that’ll do you in, with humidex values reaching close to 40 C on Sunday and Monday.


From Saturday through to Monday the mercury will hover near 30 C, with just a few clouds. And better news: there is no rain in sight.

But once again, that humidity will be a killer with humidex values near 40 C.

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After enjoying (or not) some hot weather, the temperature is going to be closer to seasonal for Winnipegers.

Temperatures on Saturday and Sunday will be close to 24 C. However, there is a risk of thunderstorms throughout the day.

On Monday, you’re looking at a high around 20 C with some cloud.

Regina and Saskatoon

Sorry, folks.

The weather over the long weekend isn’t going to be pretty for either of the cities.

Temperatures will be about 5 C below the seasonal daytime highs, rising to only about 15 C. On Monday, it’s going to be downright chilly with a daytime high of only 11 C.

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And there’s more bad news: it’s going to be a wet one, with rain expected from Saturday through to Monday.


After some enjoyable weather for the start of September, the weather has certainly begun to take a turn.

Saturday and Sunday are going to be just as chilly as Friday. On Saturday, Calgarians will be lucky if they see double digits, with a daytime high of just 9 C forecast with a chilly low of just 4 C. Hey, at least snow isn’t in the forecast.

Good news for Monday, though: The rain moves out and the temperature rises to 15 C.


While it won’t be exactly hot in the city over the weekend, at least the mercury will be in the double digits.

For the entire weekend, temperatures are expected to be around 15 C, with showers on Sunday. Monday will be overcast with a chance of showers.


Temperatures in the city will be near seasonal, with daytime highs around 20 C all weekend.

On Saturday, it will be mainly sunny. For Sunday, you’ll start off cloudy, but the sun will come out for the afternoon.

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On Sunday, there is a 40 per cent chance of showers, while there is a 30 per cent chance of showers for Monday.

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