Kokanee greeted with celebration in Peachland

PEACHLAND–Deep Creek near Peachland is one of the first streams to welcome the return of spawning Kokanee salmon from Okanagan Lake.

Park interpreters hosted a “Welcome the Kokanee Festival” to celebrate their arrival.

There were crafts and games for the kids and lessons about the land locked sockeye salmon.

This year, the long hot summer was a cause for worry.  Streams and creeks in the B.C. Interior are both lower and warmer than usual and that can have an effect on the spawning salmon.

“Right now we’re very happy,” says Park Interpreter Nicole Kittmer. “We were a little concerned because water levels play a big part, if there’s not enough water, if it’s too shallow, they simply cannot swim up. ¬†Water temperature does play a part, but it may not play as much of a part as we think.”

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Kittmer says they’re hoping for at least one thousand salmon to return to Deep Creek this year.

A park interpreter will be on site every weekend until Sunday, September 27.

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