Stanley Park seawall bike crash victim launches lawsuit

WATCH: A U.S. visitor who was hit by a bike and fell off the Stanley Park seawall last summer is suing the city, claiming the lanes are unsafe. John Daly reports.

The American woman who suffered several broken bones when she was allegedly knocked from the Stanley Park Seawall to the rocks below by a cyclist has sued the City of Vancouver.

Charmaine Mitchell’s lawsuit against the city says the accident will cause her suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, permanent physical disability, loss of earning capacity, and more susceptible to future injury.

Mitchell, who is from Virginia, says she and her friend from Vancouver were walking on the seawall in Stanley Park when she was literally knocked off the seawall by speeding cyclists.

WATCH: Our report on Mitchell’s accident last year

She had three broken vertebrate from the accident, forcing doctors to put two steel rods and eight screws in her back.

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Now, with physio, she is walking and recovering – but her suit blames the unsafe, dangerous design and conditions of the seawall for her accident.

The person who allegedly hit Mitchell is named as John Doe because he was only 16 at the time of the incident.

WATCH: The lawsuit is raising the issue on a topic that’s been the centre of debate for long time – should cyclists be insured? Lawyer Chris Carta says it’s about time.

– With files from John Daly

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