Farmer brings flock of sheep to Winnipeg for lawn care

WATCH: Talia Ricci reports on the sheep being used to keep Winnipeg lawns tidy.

WINNIPEG — St. Boniface residents got a sheep thrill this morning, as a herd of five white woolly animals sheered the lawn of a homeowner trying to make his yard sheep shape.

Clint Pinder runs a farm just north of the city, and said he often uses his sheep to help keep his grass trim. He brought them into the city to do the same on Wednesday morning.

“The sheep are going to eat grass anyway. They might as well be eating the lawn versus mowing the lawn,” Pinder said while the herd munched its way through a lawn on Langevin Street.

Some neighbours paused to take pictures, others to ask for Pinder’s business card.

Sheep in a Winnipeg yard on Wednesday. Facebook

“I have trouble with my grass in the back, so I was thinking maybe these sheep could go at it,” said one neighbour.

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But the city said sheep aren’t allowed inside the Perimeter unless they are in an area zoned for agriculture.

Pinder said he’s not trying to pull the wool over the city’s eyes: he’s applied for a permit and until he gets one, doesn’t plan to keep the sheep in Winnipeg.