‘Pierre Poutine’ went to great lengths to protect identity: Elections Canada

OTTAWA – Elections Canada says the person behind the robocall affair went to great lengths to protect his or her identity.

Court documents show a cellphone in the robocalls affair was registered to Pierre Poutine of Separatist Street in Joliette, Quebec.

Global News learned that “Pierre’s Poutine” is the name of a local poutine shop on Macdonell Street in Guelph. A representative from the restaurant was “boggled” and said neither the manager nor the owner understood how they were “pulled into it.” 

Elections Canada’s chief investigator says the clearly fake name was likely used to cover the tracks of whoever was behind misleading and harassing calls to voters in Guelph, Ontario, in the last federal election.

Voters in Guelph reported getting calls from a phone number with a 450 area code directing them to the wrong polling station.

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AUDIO: Listen to the alleged “Robo-Call” from May 2011: 


Elections Canada investigator Al Mathews obtained phone records that show the number, registered to Pierre Poutine, twice called Edmonton-based RackNine on April 30th and May 1st.

RackNine confirms someone used its automated dialling service to make the phoney calls.

The company insists it did nothing wrong and that it is helping Elections Canada and the police in their investigation.

The claims, which have not been proved in court, are laid out in an Information to Obtain a Production Order filed in an Edmonton court in November, and were first reported yesterday by Postmedia and the Ottawa Citizen.