Dashcam footage shows police officer deliver baby at traffic stop

WATCH ABOVE: After the baby was born in the car, it struggled to breathe. Thankfully, a Seattle police officer was there to save the day.

TORONTO – A Seattle police officer got an unexpected look at the miracle of childbirth recently when the couple he pulled over told him they were in labour.

Officer Anthony Reynolds was on patrol around 3:45 a.m. Sunday morning when he noticed a car running red lights and speeding. After performing a traffic stop on the vehicle, the driver jumped out and indicated that his wife was having her fourth baby.

“Man, let me go. I can make it man — let me go,” the unidentified husband pleaded.

Reynolds asked the man to wait and informed him that an ambulance was on its way. However, time wasn’t on his side.

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“My baby’s [inaudible] out!” the woman screamed two minutes later as Reynolds was joined by three other officers to help assist.

The baby girl sprung into the world and cried at first before struggling to breathe.

Dad and newborn daughter share a quiet moment. Handout / Seattle Police Department

Medics soon arrived and transported mother and baby to a local hospital. The family later sent a note of thanks to the Seattle Police Department.

“You have helped deliver a precious gift,” they wrote. “we are so grateful.”

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