Breaking down pedestrian fatalities in Winnipeg over the last 5 years

Rudi Pawlychyn / Global News File

WINNIPEG — Six pedestrians have died in collisions with vehicles in Winnipeg so far in 2015, according to the Winnipeg Police Service.

That’s almost as many pedestrian fatalities as in all of 2014.

The all-time low over the last five years was in 2013 when only two pedestrians died after being struck.

Pedestrian fatalities by the year since 2010:

  • 2014  — 7 fatalities
  • 2013  — 2 fatalities
  • 2012  — 6 fatalities
  • 2011  — 5 fatalities
  • 2010 — 7 fatalities

2015 has seen four of its six pedestrian fatalities happen on two days: two on April 7 and two on July 30. During the winter months, no fatalities occurred: the first incident of the year happened on April 7.

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All of the fatalities so far this year happened north of Main Street and Portage Avenue.

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Six fatality locations in Winnipeg in 2015, click for more information:

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