Harper campaign bus caught blocking bike lane in downtown Toronto

A photo posted online appears to show Prime Minister Stephen Harper's campaign bus blocking a downtown Toronto bike lane. Reddit/kennethtoronto

TORONTO — Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s campaign bus appeared to be blocking a bike lane in Toronto on Thursday, while the leader was in the city for the first federal leaders’ debate.

A Reddit user by the name of kennethtoronto posted the photo online at about 10 p.m. Thursday night, after he said his girlfriend spotted the bus on Lower Simcoe Street while cycling.

“She went up to the bus driver to ask if he could stop blocking the bike lane,” the user said. “But the bus driver more or less told her to bug off.”

The user said the bike lane then remained blocked by the bus.

“Meh. Cyclists weren’t going to vote Harper anyway,” said the top-rated comment on the thread.

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