Justin Trudeau campaigns in Calgary, says Harper let down voters

WATCH: Federal candidates have hit the ground running. Monday was the first full day of campaigning after the writ was dropped. With Canada on the verge of a full-blown recession, the economy is the central theme. Jacques Bourbeau reports.

CALGARY – Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau dropped into Stephen Harper’s backyard in his first campaign stop in Calgary today.

Trudeau told about 400 cheering supporters that this won’t be the first time he comes to Alberta saying the Harper government has let down voters in his province.

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He says Harper’s plan to maintain the status quo means leading Canadians into a recession.

The Liberals haven’t elected a Member of Parliament in Calgary since 1968.

WATCH: Justin Trudeau says with friends like Stephen Harper, the Alberta economy doesn’t need enemies

Trudeau maintains Alberta is ripe for change and the Liberals intend to take advantage of that.

WATCH: Justin Trudeau says it’s time for a change in Calgary, a city that has not elected a Federal Liberal MP since his father Pierre was Prime Minister. Gary Bobrovitz reports.

He also took shots at NDP leader Tom Mulcair for refusing to take questions in the first campaign and for refusing to take part in a national debate.


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