3 important nutrition tips for any bride-to-be


MONTREAL – Summer – or wedding season, as it’s better know to some – is all about the dresses, the flowers and of course, eating healthy to look great on the big day.

WATCH: Vanessa Perrone’s bridal nutrition tips

Nutritionist Vanessa Perrone stopped by the Global Montreal Morning News to give her top three tips on how a bride can get wedding ready:

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Eat your water

Often times, a bride will be preoccupied with arrangements and entertaining guests to eat a proper meal. Captured Moments/Flickr

Yes, you read that right.

Drinking water is great, but fruits and vegetables are actually the foods with the highest water content.

Vegetables are especially important because they contain carotenoids, organic pigments that concentrate themselves in the skin to protect it.

Eating lots of veggies will help any bride-to-be create that much-wanted golden glow.

Build a bridal breakfast

A bride and groom cut their wedding cake. Simon/Flickr

It’s important to have a protein-packed breakfast the day of the wedding so you can power through the morning – since it might be several hours before your next meal.

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Make it count by including high-fibre foods like oatmeal, quinoa, whole grain bread, a piece of fruit and a source of protein like eggs, nut butter or Greek yoghurt.

Stick to foods that you eat often in case you need to settle some bridal jitters.

Swap the morning caffeine for some calming tea and most importantly, don’t skip breakfast.

Assign a snack-keeper

A newly-wed couple takes a snack break at a McDonald’s drive-in. Yavuz Arslan/Getty Images

Give a friend, family member or even your maid-of-honour the task of carrying snacks (preferably stain-free) in their purse to keep you fuelled throughout the big day.

A piece of fruit, a serving of almonds or some dried apricots are great carry-ons that don’t take a lot of space in a clutch.

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