N.S. government discussing ways to make Peggys Cove safer

WATCH: There are continuing calls for changes in safety measures at Peggy’s Cove, but how much change is really necessary to stop people from falling of the rocks and into the ocean. Dave Squires reports.

HALIFAX – There are continuing calls for changes in safety measures at one of Nova Scotia’s top tourist attractions.

The province says after two recent incidents, one in which a man was rescued after falling in the rocks below and another that ended in a man drowning, they are looking into adding more safety measures.

“I anticipate that we will see additional signage at Peggys Cove in the near future,” said Mark Furey, the province’s municipal affairs minister.

Furey said signs need to be clearer, more visible and at eye level.

The province says there have been discussions of drastic measures, like a fence that would guide tourists to various entry points onto the rock portion of Peggys Cove.

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But that’s something the councillor for the district, Matt Whitman, disagrees with.

Provincial authorities plan on additional site visits in the upcoming days and will meet in two weeks to discuss further action on the issue.

Whitman says no matter the measures put in place there will also be unfortunate incidents.

“We are always going to have the one per cent or less of folks that want to take a risk. The rest of the tourists are able to stick to the rules and there’s no problem at Peggys Cove.”

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