Group helping pets stranded by the Saskatchewan wildfires

Group delivering food for pets stranded in northern Saskatchewan by the wildfires. File / Global News

SASKATOON – The wildfires in northern Saskatchewan isn’t just affecting people. Animals are also being affected.

The Pack Project is delivering around 4,000 pounds of pet food to La Loche. The animal outreach program will also be bringing back between eight to 12 puppies and five adult dogs from the northern communities.

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The canines will be brought to rescue shelters in different cities throughout the province.

The rescue group will be trying to reconnect some lost animals with their owners.

“People we’re working with on the ground in the communities tend to know if these are strays or if these are known animals and will be able to indicated to us,” said Amy Vitkay, the director of the Pack Project.

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Vitkay said every effort will then be made to reunite the animals with their owners.

To find out how you can donate to the project, or sign up to be an animal’s foster family, visit the Pack Project.

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