UPDATE: No bomb found on Saskatoon-bound WestJet flight

WATCH: For the fourth time in a week, a Canadian flight was forced to make an emergency landing because of a bomb threat. The latest incident involves a WestJet flight travelling from Toronto to Saskatoon. In the midst of the summer travel season, flyers are increasingly wondering whether their safety is up in the air. Jennifer Tryon reports.

TORONTO – Another WestJet flight was evacuated after receiving a report of an alleged explosive device on Tuesday night. WestJet flight WS323 from Toronto to Saskatoon landed safely at the Saskatoon International Airport just after 8 p.m.

Fire crews and police were on scene as passengers and crew left the aircraft via stairs and were boarding buses to the terminal.

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WestJet said the flight operated on a 737-700 aircraft, which had 113 passengers and five crew members.

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The Saskatoon Police Service said in a news release the flight landed safely around 8 p.m. and “was held away from the terminal as a precautionary measure.”

Police completed a search of the plane just after 5:30 a.m. and found no explosive device.

“We didn’t find out until we were at the building being questioned by police what even happened,” said Megan Mercado, who was on the flight and is visiting Saskatoon from Oklahoma.

“They frisked everybody or whatever they needed to do to assure themselves that we weren’t carrying anything that could be harmful,” said passenger Floyd Connor, of the measures police took once passengers were off the flight.

WATCH: Another WestJet flight was evacuated after receiving a report of an alleged explosive device on Tuesday night. Alyssa Julie, a Global News producer, was on the flight and describes what happened to her and the other passengers.

Police said it would take hours to interview everyone on board and go through the flight’s luggage.  “It’s a very tedious process,” said Saskatoon Police Service spokesperson Kelsie Fraser.

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This is the fourth incident involving a threat made against a Canadian flight in the past week.

On Monday night, flight WS442 from Edmonton to Toronto made an emergency landing in Winnipeg that saw six people injured after an unspecified threat against the plane. On Saturday morning, a WestJest flight from Halifax to Edmonton was diverted to Saskatoon after a claim about an explosive device on board.

On Thursday, St. John’s International Airport was closed due to a bomb threat on an Air Canada flight from St. John’s to Ottawa.

WATCH: Another WestJet flight was evacuated after receiving a report of an alleged explosive device on Tuesday night.

Police say they are not sure if Tuesday’s incident is related to Saturday’s diverted flight to Saskatoon.

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“We can’t establish a connection at this point, it certainly is something that investigators will look at,” said Fraser.


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