RCMP wives share messages of thanks, reflections on past year

Watch: Wives of Moncton RCMP heroes express their gratitude for monument honouring their late husbands

MONCTON — The wives of Constables Doug Larche, Dave Ross and Fabrice Gevaudan thanked the community and everyone involved in the unveiling of an RCMP monument during the ceremony held in Moncton Thursday.

“One year ago today our families suffered an enormous loss,” said Nadine Larche.

In a statement released by the New Brunswick RCMP, each wife stated what the past year has been like for them.

“On this day, my family and I will be with friends and loved ones to lean on each other and remember the man who touched our lives so deeply,” said Larche.

With Thursday evening’s Musical Ride tribute in mind, Larche shared that it was a performance her and Doug attended years ago that inspired him to “follow his dream and join the RCMP.”

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Rachael Ross said thanked her family, her church, the hospital, RCMP and Greater Moncton community.

Ross said she hopes steps “will continue to be made so that officers can be safe while upholding the law.

“We will never forget the ultimate sacrifice my husband made when he answered the call to go to work that night,” she said in the statement.

“I only wish my sons would have been able to really know their amazing daddy.”

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Angela Gevaudan says it hasn’t been easy, but her and her daughter honour Fabrice by finding joy in life.

“I can assure you that in every single step he took, Fabrice was fearless. The sacrifice he made on this day last year was rooted in love,” she said.

“He would want us to know that these roots will always be there and this love is always accessible to all of us.”