WATCH: KittenTV is as cute and cuddly as it sounds

WATCH ABOVE: Raw video as crews shoot the second season of KittenTV in Edmonton.

EDMONTON – Attention cat lovers: just when you thought you’d seen all of the kittens the internet had to offer, think again.

The producers of KittenTV describe the show as “ambient television” that’s as simple as its name.

“It is adorable kittens just having fun, enjoying life and being happy,” said Kurt Spenrath with Edmonton’s Open Sky Pictures.

The show, now in its second season, can be viewed on YouTube. The felines climb through a number of different sets, including the kitten garden and the minecraft castle. It’s all cats all the time.

“I think different people enjoy it for different reasons. Toddlers and kids have absolutely been going crazy for KittenTV,” said Spenrath.

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And it isn’t just for kids.

“I think adults enjoy it because they can sort of get lost in it,” said Spenrath. “As you watch the kittens you start to invent little stories about, ‘This one’s the bad boy. This one’s the pretty girl.’ And you get involved in story-telling.

The cuddly creatures aren’t just stars in the show – most of them are up for adoption through Little Cats Lost and the Edmonton Humane Society.

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