Newmarket triplets inspire others to be kind

NEWMARKET – Three sisters, triplets, are sending a message of kindness, compassion and positivity with their organization Positively Kind.

“Positively Kind is an organization that my sisters and I put together and it’s our way of bringing positivity and kindness into the community,” said co-founder Beth Ferkranus. “Helping people to develop tools to live a kinder, more compassionate and loving life.”

As little girls, Kit Woods, Erin Martin, and Ferkranus always knew they were meant to change the world, so they founded Positively Kind.

“Our mother taught us to be kind growing up,” said Martin. “She taught us about compassion and about caring for people in our community.”

“We’ve always been really involved. I’ve been involved in the community,” said the triplets’ mother, Gretchen Whirse. “The girls have come with me and spent time, and I think they’ve just sort of taken it on for themselves.”

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The sisters do things such as lead workshops, deliver keynote speeches, and give away baked goods to spread the message of kindness.

“When we do acts of kindness and when we talk about it with people, it’s revolutionary.  You can see it in their eyes. You can see it on their faces,” said Woods. “It lights up with ‘I never knew that this was possible!'”

“I think there is a deep-seated desire to be kind,” said Martin. “We just need to reconnect with that seed of kindness.”

From buying strangers’ coffees to paying them compliments, the triplets’ acts of kindness have been changing the world one sister at a time.

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