Looks like a panhandler, actually a cop

Cpl. Mark Taylor. RCMP Photo

VERNON – Drivers who got ticketed Monday in Vernon couldn’t complain they weren’t warned.

When members of the North Okanagan Traffic Services conducted an enforcement check at Anderson Way and 48th Avenue, one of the Mounties was holding a home-made, cardboard sign.

It read: “I am not homeless RCM Police looking for seat belt/cell phones.”

Cpl. Mark Taylor says when most people saw him they thought he was panhandling and quickly looked away, not reading the sign.

Some who did gave the officer the thumbs-up.

Others were not so appreciative.

In one hour, officers issued 11 tickets for not wearing seat belts or using cell phones.

Police say it’s illegal to drive while using a hand held electronic device, even while stopped at intersections.

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Taylor will likely be conducting enforcement with his sign again.

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