Pincourt man ticketed for using Apple watch while driving

PINCOURT – A driver from Pincourt is $120 poorer and 4 demerit points richer thanks to his Apple Watch.

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Jeffrey Macesin claims he was pulled over as he was attempting to change songs with the electronic device.

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He claims the officer ticketed him under the same Quebec Highway Safety Code violation that prevents drivers from using a handheld device while on the road.

“I told him I’d see him in court because I thought it was ridiculous,” Macesin told Global News.

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The dispute has reignited the issue of whether the watch is considered a handheld device.

The experts are divided.

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“I don’t think the courts will see a difference between having your phone in your hand or on your hand,”explains lawyer Eric Lamontagne.

While lawyer Avy Levin has a different stance.

“The watch itself can’t make calls so I think they’re going to have a problem in court,” said Levin.

A similar debate erupted in the past after a California driver was pulled over for wearing the Google Glass.

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