Landscapes may cover record

 It doesn’t matter how bad an artist you are, now you can have your art displayed at the Kelowna Art Gallery.

The gallery wants to wallpaper one of its exhibition rooms with more than 2,500 pieces of small-scale, original landscapes.

Professional and amateur artists have already submitted hundreds of pieces. Works of art must be 4X6 inches in size and have an Okanagan focus.

Artists can use crayons, pencils, paint or any other medium they choose.

“We’re getting a lot of lakes,” said Jennifer Hasenberg of the Kelowna Art Gallery. “We’re also getting a lot of cherry trees and apple trees. It can be any landscape.”

Hasenberg says school students are proving to be enthusiastic supporters of the program and that Ogopogo is proving to be one of the more popular subjects.

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Kelowna artist Kendra Dixson has already produced over a hundred small landscapes that she plans to drop off at the gallery.

She says the Okanagan’s natural beauty provides her with all the inspiration she needs. “The ski hills, the lakes, the orchards. The beauty is almost endless,” said Dixson.

People can drop off their home-made miniature landscapes at the art gallery, or they can go inside and stop at its Landscape Creation Station.

The gallery will provide all the material you need.

The Kelowna Art Gallery will be accepting miniature landscapes until February 10th.

There is no limit on the number of landscapes a single person can make.

If more than 2,500 landscapes are received from the public the gallery will make a submission will be made to the Guiness Book of World Records.