Judge will decide if two Peachland dogs will be put down

KELOWNA – A court hearing got underway Monday in Kelowna that will determine the fate of two dogs.

On New Year’s Day, Jeff Clarke was walking his leashed dog along his residential Peachland street when Charlie was attacked by two much larger dogs which were running loose.

They were a presa canario named Jake and a pit bull named Buddy belonging to Drew Panton.

“The big guy bit Charlie on the side. I just hauled off and booted him in the head. It was like booting a medicine ball, big head on him,” says Clarke who broke his hand punching the two dogs to try to save his pet.

Charlie was rushed to a veterinarian with a perforated lung and other injuries but had to be put down.

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Regional district dog control authorities later seized Jake and Buddy and are seeking a court order to have them declared dangerous and ordered euthanized.

“I always felt those dogs were dangerous and should be put down,” says Clarke. “And this is the only way that is going to come about.”

Dog behaviour experts are expected to testify for both the regional district and Panton.

The hearing is scheduled for two days but may take longer.

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