Quebec Nepalese community raises funds to help in quake aftermath

Watch above: The death toll in Nepal is climbing and Red Cross Canada is sending in more medical staff as members of the province’s largest Nepalese community organize fundraisers. Caroline Plante has more.

QUEBEC CITY — More than 200 Quebec City residents took part in a march Saturday with the objective to raise $3,000 for Nepalese victims.

The earthquake that shook Kathmandu last week was about 10 times more powerful than the 2010 Haiti quake.

It left 7000 people dead and 14,000 injured.

The destruction levelled countless homes, infrastructure that will take years to rebuild.

“Some towns have been over 80 per cent destroyed,” said Ghassan Brax, Red Cross Fund Development Officer.

“They are working right now to prepare themselves to face what’s coming.”

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People in Quebec City are determined to help. The old capital is home to a large Nepalese diaspora.

Bhimaya Kharel Chlretri recently learned that her aunt and uncle in Nepal are safe.

“They are alive, but they’re not good. The people in the north and west of Nepal are not good,” she told Global News.

The Chlretris’ wish is that international relief efforts move to rural areas outside of Kathmandou.

“A lot of people still have trauma,” said Kiran Chlretri.

“There is still a huge shortage of food, supplies, medical items… so many things.”

The Nepalese community in Quebec City has raised nearly $5,000 so far and Red Cross Canada said it has collected over $11 million.

But with monsoon season fast approaching, they know it’s not enough, and are asking Quebecers to keep giving generously.

“The need is big and the generosity of people is there, so we are glad,” Brax said.