Global Edmonton wins 3 RTDNA awards

EDMONTON – Global Edmonton has been awarded three RTDNA awards.

The Bert Cannings Award for Best Newscast (TV) was given to Global Edmonton for its coverage of the worst mass murder in the city’s history, which took place in late December. In a series of criminal events that spanned more than 48 hours, eight people were shot to death and one man, the lone suspect, died by suicide.

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The Dec. 30 edition of the News Hour, which was a collaborative effort by the entire newsroom, was given the award.

WATCH: Dec. 30 edition of the Global Edmonton News Hour: Mass Murder

Global Edmonton also received the Hugh Haugland Award for Creative Use of Video. The award went to PTSD Art, a story written and reported by Kendra Slugoski, shot by Charles Taylor and edited by Fred Anderson.

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The feature tells the story of Daniel Sundahl, an Edmonton-area paramedic who used his job experience behind the lens to produce graphic photos of life after the emergency call. The pictures, which were viewed around the world, forced the delicate issue of PTSD out in the open.


The third award given to Global Edmonton was the Sam Ross Award for Editorial/Commentary. The award went to Mob Mentality, an editorial done by Bob Layton.

WATCH: Mob Mentality

RTDNA Canada Awards honour the best programs, stations and newsgathering organizations in radio, television and digital. The awards were handed out in Saskatoon at the Prairie Regional Awards Banquet on Saturday.


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