Prime Minister Stephen Harper talks child protection, terrorism in speech

WATCH ABOVE: PM Harper talks terrorism at an event in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG – Prime Minister Stephen Harper promoted his government’s anti-crime agenda Friday night while speaking to a non-profit group that fights crimes against children.

But Harper also touched on international terrorism in his 20-minute speech, and said it would be impossible to talk about protecting children and all Canadians without also addressing terrorism.

Harper spent almost one-third of his speech on the subject, and said events such as last year’s attack on Parliament cannot be dismissed as random deeds by a few disturbed individuals.

He said violent jihadism seeks to harm Canadians in their own country.

Harper spoke at a gala marking the 30th anniversary of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

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The Winnipeg-based group fights sexual exploitation of children, cyberbullying and other crimes.

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