Horwath’s protest over Wynne’s absence at Question Period gets her kicked out

TORONTO – NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was kicked out of Question Period Thursday after demanding to know why Premier Kathleen Wynne was at a press conference instead of answering opposition questions.

“First the Liberals showed how they disrespected Ontarians [with?] their plan to sell Hydro One secret ?? during the election campaign, now they are disrespecting Ontarians and this assembly in the way the way that they have ruled out the Clark report,” said a fiery NDP Leader Andrea Horwath during Question Period. ”My question to the acting Premier is can he phone the Premier and tell her to get over here and answer questions of the Opposition?”

Video of the event shows NDP MPPs then banging on their desks in protest. House Speaker Dave Levac threatened to remove any MPP who continued to be disruptive as the banging went on for roughly 20 minutes. As the disruption continued Horwath was named by the speaker before being removed.

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The uproar was in response to Wynne and Sousa skipping Question Period for a press conference on a report by an advisory group headed by Former TD Bank CEO Ed Clark. The report recommends selling off a 60 per cent stake in Hydro One and allowing beer to be sold in 450 groceries.

A statement posted to Twitter by the Ontario NDP said: “There is no discernible reason for the Premier to sidestep accountability of the House.”

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