Helicopters to conduct gypsy moth sprays over parts of Surrey and Delta

Helicopter spraying the pesticide over a neighbourhood in April. Viewer submitted

The first round of aerial spraying meant to stop gypsy moths has started in parts of Surrey and Delta.

Global BC viewers say helicopters have been seen flying over their homes this morning.

Three choppers will be used to spray more than 4500 hectares around 64 Ave. and 176 St. in Surrey and 200 acres between Highways 10, 99 and 91 in Delta.

Spraying will take place every day between 5:20 and 7:30 a.m. and wraps up on Saturday.

The ministry of forests says residents immediately next to the treatment areas may hear the low-flying helicopter as it turns around and realigns.

Gypsy moths are considered an invasive species and a direct threat to major B.C. fruit producers.

Because of a warmer than usual spring, caterpillars are emerging earlier than normal, and the ministry is aiming to have spraying completed by mid-May.

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The trapping during the summer of 2014 resulted in 214 moths being trapped in 28 locations across the province.

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