Tri-Cities residents claim Evergreen Line construction is putting lives at risk

WATCH: Tri-Cities residents claim that Evergreen Line construction is putting lives at risk. Jeremy Hunka has more on what’s being done to address their concerns.

Problems around Metro Vancouver’s Evergreen Line construction are not going away, say residents. There have been a number of sinkholes recently, along with noise and traffic delays.

A community meeting was held Tuesday night to raise concerns over Evergreen construction.

Some residents say they are so concerned about road safety they are taking matters into their own hands, shouting out drivers from the sidewalk to get vehicles to slow down.

They’re upset that heavy traffic is being detoured to residential streets after a large sinkhole opened up above construction on Clarke Rd.

After a woman was recently struck on Glenayre Drive, the cries are getting louder.

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Those concerns were echoed by Port Moody city councillors Tuesday night.

“It’s completely insane to have all those cars driving through,” said Councillor Meghan Lahti about traffic being rerouted to residential streets.

Council grilled Evergreen Line Project Executive Director Amanda Farrell,  saying that traffic management has been a “disaster” and voting to make Glenayre Drive open only to local traffic.

“Clearly what we’ve heard is a lot of concerns from the community around the detour route and we certainly understand those concerns,” said Farrell after the meeting. “We’ll be working with city staff as we move forward to try to get those addressed as soon as possible.”

She went on to say that it could take a while to implement the changes proposed by city council. Staff also said they cannot guarantee another sinkhole won’t open up in the future.

WATCH: Third sinkhole opens up underneath Evergreen Line

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