Oil spill in Lac St-Louis prompts water quality concerns

WATCH: Concerns over Lac St. Louis water

POINTE-CLAIRE – Environmental clean up crews were hard at work on the shores of Lac St-Louis, to tackle what appears to be a large-scale oil spill.

The City of Pointe-Claire has launched a full investigating and a pumping truck has been on site since Monday.

Big white booms and long sponges have also been installed to try to contain the contamination.

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Pointe-Claire residents contacted local authorities after spotting an oily substance on the surface in Valois Bay. Some even complained about a strong smell coming from the water.

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Water inspectors and the city’s environment ministry were on site Tuesday to try to locate the spill and assess the damage. But for now there are few answers from city hall.

Once the oil is pumped out of the lake it will be tested and hopefully lead investigators to the source of the spill.

There is an investigation going on now,” said the mayor. “We’re having the oil tested. We’ve had most of it removed and we are removing more today because we discovered this morning that there was more oil. It probably came from beneath the ice.”

Despite the quick clean up, many residents are worried about water quality.

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And many suspect it’s something much bigger than a motor boat that’s to blame for the spill.

Out of a motor boat is one thing, but to have it big enough for them to come and suck it out of the lake, there’s something going on,” said MacIntyre.

Pointe-Claire’s drinking water comes from Lac St-Louis, but the mayor insists there’s no danger in this case.

Our intakes are to the west near the Pointe-Claire wharf and the water flows to the east,” said the mayor. ”If that oil got into the water system it would be treated I’m sure.”

Laboratory test results from the oil samples should be ready on Thursday.

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