Jets within two points of landing in playoffs

The Winnipeg Jets' Chris Thorburn reacts after scoring in second-period action against the St. Louis Blues on Tuesday. St. Louis Post-Dispatch/TNS via Getty Images

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Jets are the closest they’ve ever been to cracking the playoffs since they returned to Winnipeg four years ago.

The team moved within two points of clinching a spot Tuesday after blanking the St. Louis Blues. Edmonton, a team notorious for popping post-season dreams during the days of the original Jets also lent a hand by dethroning the LA Kings.

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The Jets can land in the playoffs by beating the Colorado Avalanche Thursday night or if the Kings lose to the Calgary Flames in regulation. If that doesn’t pan out, the Jets can still advance if they pick up a single point in each of their last two games, if they beat the Flames on Saturday afternoon or if the Kings lose their regular season finale.

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“We can handle our destiny right now and that’s a good feeling because we like the way we’re playing,” said Jets head coach Paul Maurice.

Just to be safe though, some Winnipeggers are temporarily switching sides.

“People are coming in changing who they like, who they’re cheering for,” said Royal Sports’ Casey Bresch. “The Jets still need a little help to make things easier.”

“You got to cheer for Winnipeg,” said one hockey fan. “You got to cheer for Calgary even if it hurts.”

A pain that will payoff come the playoffs.

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