Undercover cop continues testimony at Lisi drug trial

A hearing into drug charges against Lisi, a friend of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford, began Tuesday with the accused a no show, one count against him
Alexander (Sandro) Lisi arrives at court in Toronto on Friday, March 6 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

TORONTO – The trial of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s friend Alexander (Sandro) Lisi continues today with further cross-examination of an undercover cop and the officer who arrested him.

Det. Ross Fernandes told the court on Thursday that he was unaware Lisi was part of an extraordinary investigation into the former mayor’s “crack video.”

Fernandes said his “target” was Jamshid (Jay) Bahrami, owner of a west-end Toronto dry cleaners, and later Lisi, who was Ford’s pal and sometime driver and bodyguard.

In hours of intercepts played for the court, Fernandes presses Bahrami to hook him up with Lisi for a drug deal.

Lisi, however, was feeling the heat from the “crack video” probe and keeping a low profile.

Fernandes said he never did meet or talk to Lisi and also admitted he never saw Bahrami actually sell any marijuana.

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After six weeks of cozying up to Bahrami, Fernandes managed to buy a total of 680 grams of marijuana worth about $3,100 at the store.

Bahrami was arrested along with Lisi and charged with various drug offences.

Both men have pleaded not guilty to the allegations against them.