Hundreds attend meeting protesting proposed Pitt Meadows quarry

WATCH: Hundreds of angry residents attended a meeting in Pitt Meadows, voicing their concerns over plans for a new rock quarry. Jeremy Hunka reports.

A consultation meeting for a proposed new rock quarry in Pitt Meadows brought out hundreds of people on Wednesday evening.

“The opposition to this project has grown far and wide beyond the borders of Pitt Meadows,” said John Becker, the mayor of Pitt Meadows.

“This is now bringing people together from disparate regions.”

The proposed quarry is on the south side of Sheridan Hill in the rural, northwest area of the city. The north side has had a rock quarry in operation since the 1960’s, but opponents say a second would cause environmental damage to the area.

“This is particularly important,” said Katzie First Nation Chief Susan Miller. “[It’s] the genesis site of our people. The desecration of that hill is very close to our heart.”
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WATCH: Residents only found out about the plan this month

The city only found out about the application in early March, said to have come from a local landowner named Brian Craig.

“It would have been nice had the proponents had the courtesy of coming to city council or even the mayor’s office and said, ‘Listen, I’m thinking of doing this. I know it’s going to be controversial. Can we talk about it? Can we talk about mitigation? What do you think?’ But no, it just arrived,” said Becker earlier this month.

The government has said that the company must consult with impacted First Nations, local government and residents as part of the review process. A decision isn’t expected for several months.

– With files from Jon Azpiri


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