Motorcycle near miss with car caught on camera on Manitoba highway

WINNIPEG – It was Ryan Evans first ride of the season, but it could have been his last.

“I’m just cruising along enjoying the ride,” said Evans, when suddenly a car almost hits him head on.

“It was probably within a few inches of at least clipping his mirror,” said Evans.

A Go Pro camera mounted on his bike captured the unimaginable.  Saturday afternoon,  Evans was driving to Gimli on Highway 9, going 100 kilometers an hour, when suddenly a car pulls out to pass a truck and trailer, nearly hitting him head on.

“Yes, yes I’m very lucky,” said Evan, an experienced driver.

But the shock of what happened didn’t sink in until he watched the video, again and again.

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WATCH: Motorcyclist narrowly avoids head on collision with car

“Wow, it was that close,” said Evans, “from my point of view it doesn’t look like he made any attempt what so ever to break or slowdown to move back into his lane.”

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According to Manitoba Public Insurance, there are about 220 collisions involving motorcycles every year, almost half of them occur on the weekend.

Selkirk RCMP Constable Paul Human watched the video that was spreading among riders on facebook.

“My first reaction was ‘Oh my goodness’, because I am a motorcycle rider,” said Constable Human.

Evans says he has the driver’s license plate and will give the video to the RCMP, but his only hope is that the message gets out.

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“Pay attention to the road,” said Human, “If you see a motorcycle out there give them room but the same thing goes to motorcycle drivers at the same time, people aren’t used to seeing you out at this time of year.”

This won’t stop Evans from getting on his bike but there’s no doubt, his camera will be rolling.

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