Manitoba community rallies around couple attacked in their store

WINNIPEG – Her nose is broken and her face and arms bruised, but Tanu Mukherjee says the man who attacked her and her husband in their Beausejour store will not break their spirit.

“This is my home, I love my home,” said Mukherjee.

She and her husband, Debasish, were about to lock the doors of Bergie’s Convenience on Friday night when a customer came in to shop.

Surveillance cameras show it was already past 11 p.m. and after waiting several minutes for him to buy something, the Mukherjees advised the man they were closing and asked if he was ready to make a purchase.

WATCH: Surveillance footage shows Beausejour couple beaten in their store

They say he then the told them they had to take his money because “I am a Canadian, I have Canadian dollars, you are an outsider.”

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They told him they were also Canadian and after the man refused to buy something, they told him they were going to call the police if he didn’t leave.

The video then shows the man punching Debasish. When Tanu tries to pull him off her husband, the attacker turns and strikes Tanu, 49, in the face.

He eventually fled out the back but has since been arrested. A 24 year old Beausejour man is charged with assault causing bodily harm, assault, and mischief under $5000.00.

Flowers were dropped off at a Beausejour, Manitoba, convenience store to show support for owners who were assaulted. Lauren McNabb

The counter of Bergie’s was covered with flowers and cards from members of the community on Monday morning.

“Thank you for moving to our little town and becoming part of the fabric of our community,” one resident wrote.

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The Mukherjees moved from India to Winnipeg six years ago and said they refuse to let this one incident tarnish their love for Canada.

WATCH: Beausejour store owners receive support after assault

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