Two rescues on Crown Mountain in as many days

North Shore Rescue crews tend to an injured man who fell down a slope on Crown Mountain this weekend.

North Shore Rescue were kept busy this weekend with two helicopter rescues on Crown Mountain in as many days.

The first rescue happened on Saturday afternoon around 2 p.m. An adult male slipped on some ice while heading down the mountain and fell 20 to 30 feet down a slope, eventually becoming stuck between a tree and rock ledge.

“The spot that he fell, he could have easily died if he did not hit that tree,” said North Shore Team Leader Mike Danks.

Crews arrived on scene via helicopter, and a long line rescue was performed. The man suffered an upper arm injury, but otherwise was fine.

Today’s rescue began just after 3 p.m., when a 63-year-old man suffered an ankle injury 1200 metres up the mountain. He was taken off the mountain safely.

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Crown Mountain, just north of Grouse, is popular with hikers. The unseasonably warm weather is making many trails accessible earlier than usual, but there are still pockets of snow creating icy conditions.

“Crown Mountain is mixed snow and rock right now. People need to be prepared for those conditions,” said Danks.

“It is still winter conditions up there, it’s patchy, and we need people to be cautious of that.”

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