Winnipeggers react to Vince Li increased freedoms

Winnipeggers react to Vince Li increased freedoms - image
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WINNIPEG – The Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board announced Friday Vince Li is allowed unsupervised trips in Winnipeg starting March 5, as long as he carries a working cell phone.

“How is it going to be? To be afraid to go out of your own house because you don’t know what’s outside your door,” said Winnipegger Todd Sherbonvich.

Tim McLean was a passenger aboard a Greyhound bus in 2008 when Li stabbed, mutilated and beheaded him in Manitoba.

Li was found not criminally responsible and has been part of annual reviews since.

After more assessments and a community living plan, the board could also allow Li to move to a group home in Winnipeg.

“Not knowing about what he’s going to do if he’s on his medication…. I’m not willing to take that risk,” said Cher Pfeifer. “If he moved into my neighborhood I’d probably move because I wouldn’t feel safe.”

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“How are the rest of us supposed to function in another person’s psychosis?” said Carol de Delley, McLean’s mother.  “It’s ridiculous to me that we are going to do everything within our power to take the best of care of Vince Li. Why?”

Salvation Army mental health worker Mark Stewart feels it’s important for those suffering from mental illness to be part of the community.

“The very identified people that have mental health issues, we need to surround them, we need to support them… and reintegrate them back into society,” said Stewart.

There will be a chance for counsel to respond to the Criminal Code Review Board before Li can move to a group home.


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