Councillor slams lack of bus service in south Winnipeg neighbourhood

WINNIPEG — If you want to catch a bus to Bridgwater Lakes, you will be waiting a long time.

The newer development in the city’s southwest corner has no transit service.

“It’s frustrating, very frustrating, very frustrating,” said Janice Lukes, the councillor for the area as well as the chair of city hall’s infrastructure and public works committee. “Nothing surprises me about Waverley West and the lack of planning in Waverley West.”

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Lukes has asked Winnipeg Transit to look into extending services to the area that some people have called home for nearly two years.

However, in a statement to Global News, Winnipeg Transit officials said it will be a while before buses will run there, if ever.

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“In the coming year or two, as Winnipeg Transit is able to add some additional buses to its fleet, we will look at where expansions to service are needed to address the needs of current and future riders. While no concrete plans are in place right now for any specific neighbourhood, we have been monitoring the service levels and ridership in these new areas.”

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The city doesn’t have an official policy in respect to transit service in new developments and how soon it has to be established, the statement also said.

“If we are building these developments on the outskirts, we have to service them and need to provide the same level of service because people are paying taxes,” said Lukes.

Newer developments, including South Pointe, Bridgwater Forest, Sage Creek and Amber Trails, do have reduced transit service, mainly running during rush hour and not at all on weekends.

Lukes encourages people to call 311 to express concerns because she feels that is the best way to try to make changes.

“It absolutely doesn’t hurt to march down to city hall and say this is unacceptable,” she said.

Global News has repeatedly asked for an on-camera interview with Winnipeg Transit but was told it wasn’t possible to accommodate the request.


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