5 things we didn’t know we could freeze

WATCH: If you think frozen food isn’t nutritious, think again. Nutritionist Natasha Azrak gives tips on what foods you can freeze this winter and how to do it.

MONTREAL — The frigid temperatures are not to be seen as an enemy because when it comes to food, wintry weather can be our best friend.

Nutritionist Natasha Azrak from Clinique Sante Brouillard in Montreal has shared a few tips on what foods can be frozen this winter — and how to do it.

Some might think frozen food loses its nutritional properties but think again.

“It’s actually more nutritious because as soon as it is frozen, the nutritional value is maintained,” said Azrak.

Here are some things we were surprised could be frozen:


Sometimes we just can’t pass on a great deal and nuts are one of those items that can be bought in bulk. But what do we do with two pounds of pecans?

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“Because of their high good fat content they can go rancid easily,” noted Azrak.

Her solution? Freezing nuts can keep them safe until we finally get around that pie recipe we’ve been meaning to try.

Seeds such as flax also have their place in freezer.

“I even eat my almonds frozen and they taste great.”

Just seal nuts in a Ziploc bag and write the date on it.

Lasts up to: 1 year


Grapes are a great treat for kids, which can replace sugary ice pops — and to calm pain in teething babies.

As for grown-ups, frozen grapes are perfect to cool down a glass of Pinot Grigio. Bonus: they won’t water down your wine — and you’ve got a treat at the bottom of your glass.

Lasts up to: 3-5 months

Tomato paste

How many recipes call for just a tablespoon of tomato paste, leaving you with a nearly full can? The solution? Bag the rest in a Ziploc bag, flatten, and freeze it for next time.

Lasts up to: 1 year


You bet eggs can be frozen — in the shell or cracked in an ice tray.

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To thaw: Put them in the fridge and they will be ready to go the next day

Lasts up to: 1 year

Brown rice

It takes about an hour to cook brown rice. So when you make a batch, freezing some of it in smaller portions to use later just makes sense.

To thaw: Just throw it in the fridge the day before you want to use it

Lasts up to: 2 months

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