WATCH: Packed city hall meeting in West Vancouver over ‘monster homes’

WATCH: A heated issue front and centre in West Vancouver. Hundreds of residents came out to voice their concerns over the construction of monster mansions in their neighbourhood. Catherine Urquhart reports on the vote.

A packed public meeting has been staged in West Vancouver to tackle the controversial subject of the so-called ‘monster houses.’

An estimated 450 people filled city hall to capacity last night in a debate over the topic.

For now, city council has voted against any changes to existing bylaws.

It is starting a public process to discuss whether to change the rules around the size of homes that can be built in the municipality.

Mayor Michael Smith says resident are concerned about the neighbourliness of the new homes.

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Currently, people are allowed to build homes up to a third of the size of their lot. Some are massive, with one recently built home covering 25,000 square feet.

Some say they’re tired of looking at monster homes. Others say restrictions would significantly devalue properties in West Vancouver.

With files from Catherine Urquhart

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