Black Lab reunited with owner after suffering horrific dog-napping and torture

WATCH:¬†We’re learning more about a disturbing case of animal abuse that victimized a lost dog in Surrey. Elaine Yong reports.

A 24-year-old woman has been taken away under the Mental Health Act following an attack on a dog in Surrey yesterday.

Ryan Westaway was shocked and saddened after Surrey RCMP found his black Lab Ryder stabbed and beaten.

“He did not deserve this,” says Westaway.

“Who would ever…take someone’s dog and take them back to their house and torture them?”

Westaway and his family moved to Surrey’s Chimney Heights neighbourhood in northeast Newton two weeks ago. On February 14, Ryder, three years old and still getting used to his new surroundings, ran off.

They couldn’t find him that night, but the next morning morning an animal recovery organization found him. Surrey RCMP told Westaway that Ryder had been stabbed with scissors in the face and eye and beaten with a blunt object. There were also pieces of jewelry put in his body.

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“He doesn’t know his way back, it’s a new place,” says Westaway. “Don’t talk to strangers, well he doesn’t know right from wrong.”

“I’ve lived there for two weeks. I’m concerned that now I have to keep my dog in the back, the garage shut, my son inside where I can see him.”

Ryder is undergoing surgery to remove jewelry from his stomach. His prognosis is uncertain, but Westaway is hopeful.

“It’s going to be a long road, but hopefully he’s going to recover.” he says.

“I’m just happy that he’s home. That’s all that matters.”

Surrey RCMP say they’re investigating the case, but no charges have been laid against the women yet. Cpl. Bert Paquet says she is undergoing a psychiatric forensic assessment, while her four-year-old daughter, who was at the scene, is with the Ministry of Children and Families.

The family has also created a funding page to help with the costs of Ryder’s surgery and recovery. If you would like to donate, click here.