Law firm buys strangers lunch to celebrate random acts of kindness week

TORONTO –  Lawyers at the Gasee Cohen & Youngman law firm in Toronto bought eight Torontonians lunch as part of International Random Acts of Kindness week.

The week celebrates three types of kindness including to be kind to yourself, to someone you know and to someone you don’t know.

Carla Manias, a lawyer at Gasee Cohen & Youngman said her colleagues are trying to go beyond what’s required of them.

“Our professional rules of conduct states that we should act a courteous manner to those that we deal with but it’s just taking that one step further and actually being kind to one another and showing appreciation,” said Carla Manias, GCY lawyer.

Random acts of Kindness week is a global effort that supports acts of good will.

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“There are numerous mental and physical benefits to kindness, we get what is called a helpers high when we help someone. It increases your feelings of gratitude, it actually lessons the distance between two people when someone does something kind for someone else,” Steffi Black, a career coach  and kindness advocate, said.

GCY law firm pays it forward by buying lunch for eight random people at a food truck near their office on Queen Street West. People passing by were surprised and happy once they found out that their meal was free.

“First I thought maybe what’s the deal, is there a catch? Like what do you want from me now? But there’s no catch, it’s kindness, I’m still stunned,” said Dieedra Hensen who received one of the lunches. “I’ve been down in luck and this just restores my faith in humanity.”


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