WATCH: 1,200 pound cow rescued from mine shaft

Molly is one blessed bovine.

After spending three days trapped in a 30-foot (nine metres) deep mine in Toulumne County, California, the cow was rescued on Thursday by a team of veterinarians from the University of California, Davis.

Owner Antoinette Key-Nichols suspects Molly wandered off and fell through the fencing that cordoned off the mine.

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Key-Nichols dropped crackers and bananas down the pit to feed Molly, while animal control assembled the veterinary emergency response team from the university.

Video of the three-hour long rescue shows the crew sedating Molly, then descending down to secure her with ropes.

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As soon as she gets hoisted up, Molly bucks awake, but thankfully everyone including Molly escaped unscathed.

“It’s just a good ending to something that could have been real tragic,” Key-Nichols told KOVR.


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