Vancouver chiropractor hopes to win his second Super Bowl next Sunday

WATCH: B.C. has a lot of Seahawks fans ready to cheer for a Superbowl repeat, but one of them will be doing a lot more than cheering. Elaine Yong caught up with Dr. Gerry Ramogida and found out the role he’ll play at the big game.

“There’s so much behind the scenes that you don’t get a sense for when you’re watching a game. It’s a massive effort.”

For the last 12 years, Dr. Gerry Ramogida has had a front-row seat to the spectacle of NFL games as a chiropractic consultant for the Seattle Seahawks. Attending every game, he was supposed to stay with the team for just a couple of years so he could show the trainers how to use some of his soft-tissue techniques. But as players got used to his help on game days, a temporary job turned into a permanent one.

“Over the period of that first season and into the next year, things very quickly became integrated. It’s been a great experience,” he says.

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“What sports does is it gives you the opportunity to understand what it is you’re doing and how you can help an athlete perform better by really knowing what they need to accomplish on the field. When you develop that, it translates in how you work with regular people and being able to bring that to the regular clientele.”

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Ramogida will be getting on a plane Sunday with the Seahawks, so he can be with the team all next week as they prepare for their Super Bowl showdown with the New England Patriots. His only hope is that it’s less stressful thanlast week.
“Being on the sideline was a special experience, [but] I don’t think my heart can take another nailbiter like that,” he says.
“That was too much. Let’s hope for a 35-14 [win].”

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