One Direction’s Liam Payne: ‘I wanna be a humanitarian’

Liam Payne, pictured in November 2014. Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

TORONTO — One Direction singer Liam Payne urged his fans Wednesday to donate to charities around the world.

In a message to his 19 million Twitter followers, the 21-year-old British pop star revealed: “I feel that I wanna be a humanitarian with all of this attention.”

In his poorly-written statement, Payne said the world needs to change and “band together.”

He wrote: “im a young man and to me the world is a pretty messed up place. with a huge lack of trust I don’t understand much of it but what I do hurts me entirely, the young people of today are the difference we can change the face of the earth.”

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Payne said seeing the world with One Direction has shown him “nothing is balanced.”

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The singer continued: “I’ve been a poor man and a rich man, I’ve been to strange lands and third world countries and afraid to speak out but now I really see all of us should speak out and topple the imbalance. If you can today google charity overseas, give to a third world country and help them grow I’ve been there to Ghana they don’t have anything they can’t buy food from the groceries or McDonald’s they have to get food by any mean necessary.”

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Ghana has the highest per capita income in western Africa.

He concluded with a plea for fans to “find a way to help donate to any charity and help change the world today.”

Within hours, his message was retweeted more than 120,000 times.

It was Payne’s first tweet since Jan. 4.

The pop star, already worth an estimated $30 million, embarks on another world tour with One Direction on Feb. 7. The group plays Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg in July followed by an Aug. 20 concert in Toronto and September shows in Montreal and Ottawa.

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