Vancouver woman celebrates 108th birthday

Sarah "Cissie" Rodden, seen here, celebrated her 108th birthday on January 16th, 2015.

It was a very special day today for Sarah ‘Cissie’ Rodden. She celebrated her 108th birthday at the Three Links Care Centre in Vancouver, surrounded by friends and family.

“I don’t feel any different,” she told Global News of the milestone.

Sarah Rodden was born January 16, 1907 in Glasgow. At the time Edward the 7th wore the British crown, and Sir Wilfred Laurier was Canada’s Prime Minister.

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That same year, Finland became the first country to elect women to parliament, and commercial photography made its debut.

Rodden and her family emigrated to Canada in 1953, aboard the Empress of France. Family members say she was active with her church until her 100th birthday.

Asked about the secret to her longevity, she said “Just have a nice life.”


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