New video of Charlie Hebdo attack shows police backing away from gunmen

WATCH: Six days after the attack on the office of ‘Charlie Hebdo,’ the surviving journalists have promised not to let what happened to them and their colleagues silence them. Eric Sorensen reports.

TORONTO – Newly-posted video footage shows a confrontation between the two Charlie Hebdo gunmen and police on the streets of Paris last Wednesday. The attackers, believed to be brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, are seen dressed all in black and wearing masks outside a small black car.

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The men stand on either side of the car, and one man yells into the empty streets, waving his left hand in the air. The men rest their guns on the roof of the car as one appears to reload his weapon. They then calmly climb into the car, where they sit for a few seconds before driving down the street.

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Gunshots are then heard as the gunmen stop in front of a police car. More than 10 shots ring out in the streets as the attackers get out of the car and aim at the police car. The police car then reverses down the road, and the gunmen get back inside their car. More gunshots are heard as they drive forward, but after about a minute and a half the video becomes shaky and ends with the getaway car seeming to turn left off the street and out of frame.

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The gunmen’s attack on the satirical magazine offices left 12 people dead, including eight journalists. The brothers died in a shootout with police, around the same time a man claiming allegiance to the Islamic State was killed in a police shootout after murdering four people in a kosher grocery store hostage situation in eastern Paris.

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